Ludwigovna Zaklikovskaya

Russia • 1899−1975

Painter. The certificate of completion of CVC on the basis of the qualification Commission on the basis of sketches and studies recent stage 4 of the course on skill.

The wife of the pupil of Filonov sculptor I. I. Suvorov. He studied at the Academy of arts (1922-1926) under A. E. Karev and K. S. Petrov-Vodkin. As a student AH, joined the staff of MAI. Diploma thesis "In the Pskov region" (1926, RM) was created under the guidance of Pavel Filonov. Before 1932 — permanent member of the team. For "Kalevala" it was made two illustrations. One of them, according to the testimony of O. V. Pokrovsky recalled: "the Editors call my work "Kullervo" — "Laborer"... It is not so. We painted individual scenes, and half-forgotten substrate. You can see that the space is illuminated through space and time is poured through time. We used to call it — a concentrated time and space" [233, 89 L. publ.: 88, p. 496-510]. During the great Patriotic war, while in evacuation in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, was painting shades of urban House of Soviets. After the war he worked in Lenso.

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