Yefimovich Ab

Russia • geboren in 1902

Leningrad, R. 22.11(5.12). 1902 in eagle. * Studied at the Orel art school (1921-23) G. I. Redina, VHUTEIN in Leningrad (1923-29) in Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, A. I. Savinov, V. B. Savinskaya, diploma painting on the theme of "Textile workers" (tempera) for the concert hall of the Moscow-Narva House of culture. In 1931— 1933 he studied at the graduate school IZHSA. Was a member of OMAKHR (1929) and AXP i(1930-32). Participant of exhibitions since 1934. Taught at the Studio of AChRs (1929-30).

Work: "the Gathering of drummers of the Vyborg district" (1932), "in the Yurt listening to the radio" (1936), "Children musicians" (1988), "Pie in the Military-medical Museum" (1948), "Pavlov in Koltushi" (tempera, 1948) — both at the health Museum (Leningrad); "Lenin's Speech at the Admiralty shipyard" (1949), "Comrades" (1960), "Watch homeland" (1961) etc. Participated in the execution of the dioramas "Borodino" and "Perekop" (1936, VEMAIL); in the design of the pavilion of the Uzbek SSR, and others at VSHV (1939). For the Museum of history of Leningrad carried out a number of the panels: "the battle for the island Dry", "Ladoga" (1947), etc.

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