Arshakovna Aslamazyan

Russia • geboren in 1907


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People's artist of the Armenian SSR, winner of prizes named George. Nehru and G. A. Nasser. Born in 1907 in the village of Bash-Chirac near Leninakan. In 1929 he graduated from the Yerevan art-industrial College (teachers S. Arakelyan, S. Aghajanian), 1933 –Leningrad Academy of arts (studied with K. Istomin and K. Petrov-Vodkin). The title of people's artist in 1965. Aslamazyan is the representative of the Armenian school of still life. "Armenian still life" (1955), "Blooming red cactus" (1957) are stored in the State Tretyakov gallery. The master of thematic paintings ("return of the hero" - 1943, "Song of the hero" - 1944, "Mother heroine" - 1949). All these works are in Art gallery of Armenia in Yerevan. Since 1935, participated in exhibitions since 1950 – in the international. Solo exhibitions: 1970, 1978, 1981 – Moscow, 1971, 1974 – Yerevan.

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