Melitonovich Bogolyubov

Russia • 1878−1919

He studied at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture (MUZHVZ) from 1901. for 1908..

Teachers head the class - N. Corina and K. Gorski, in figure - N. Kasatkina, and S. Miloradovich in field - A. Arkhipov, in portrait - Valentin Serov and K. A. Korovin, landscape - V. Vasnetsov.

Worked in Moscow from 1923. in 1926. painted agitation trains, painted posters, after 1930. made sketches of badges and book marks. Consisted in society molkh (Moscow art lovers society) in 1906. in 1911.

Since 1911. in 1916. moved to the society "Free art".


Exhibition malch: 26th 1906., 28th, 1908., 29th 1910., 30th 1910., 31st 1911.

Exhibition of paintings "Independent": 1-I 1907., 2nd, 1908., 4th 1909.

The exhibition of paintings "Free creativity": 1-I 1911., 2nd, 1912., 4th, 1915., 5th 1916.

Watercolor exhibition of drawings by Russian artists of the gallery "Lemercier" (Paris): 1913.

Exhibition of paintings and sculpture "Artists of Moscow – the victims of the war": 1914.

Exhibition of paintings by Russian artists (old and new schools): 1915.

1-I Exhibition of paintings of Moscow society of artists " Link ":1917.

1-I Exhibition of paintings of Moscow society "Environment": 1918.

6th Art exhibition of the paintings of Northern artists in Vologda: 1918.

2nd Exhibition of paintings of Moscow society "Environment": 1918.

2nd State exhibition of paintings: 1918.-1919.

1-I Exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculpture of the Palace of arts: 1919.

Exhibition "Russian portrait sign" Kazan: 1923.

The exhibition "Book sign" Kursk: 1940.

The paintings are in the Tretyakov gallery, Russian Museum, the Museum of history of Moscow, in provincial and regional museums.

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