Antonovich Bondarenko

Russia • 1892−1969

(On the list WAH - Bogdanenko, Bondarenko). Thesis in the CVC - making book, "10 years of Soviet government in its typical manifestations". The training took place in the graphical Department. Awarded the title of graphic artist.

[30.1(11.2)96 .1892, novogeorgievsk was under in the Kherson region, now flooded Kremenchug reservoir. — 31.1.1969, Kharkov] — graphic artist, painter. The son of a cabinetmaker. He studied at the Vilna drawing school (1909 — 1911), Odessa art school (1911 — 1915) by K. Kostandi, Petrograd Academy of arts (1915 — 1917), G. Zaleman, I. tvorozhnikova, in VHUTEINe (1923 — 1927, Leningrad) in VM Konashevych, and K. Petrov-Vodkin. Lived in Kharkov.

A scholar, wit, hoaxer, a talented graphic artist and painter, B. was a bright and noticeable personality in the environment of Kharkiv artists of the 1920s and the 1960s, a Peculiar and striking stylistic character of art B. formed under the influence of impressionism K. Kostandi (studies of the 1910s and 1 960's), a painting by Petrov-Vodkin, Filonov, P. Cezanne, graphics, “World of art” and Russian folk and Ukrainian folklore (“Evening”, 1917).

From 1920 to 1923 he worked in the workshops “Krosta”. Participated in exhibitions since 1924, Drew for magazines Kharkov and Kiev (“Red pepper” — 1922; “tuk-Tuk” — 1929; “Zhovten” — 1934 — 1936; and others).

Worked in the field of easel and book graphics, mainly in the technique of lithography: issued, in particular, poetry books by S. Marshak (Mail, 1935 97 ), L. Kvitko (Letter to comrade Voroshilov, 1935 and 1937 98 ), M. Known[eh?] (Connick, 1940; Herringbone, 1941), Sergei Mikhalkov (Ship, 1941), James Urban (Connick, 1943). Illustrated classics: Turgenev (Mumu, a nerd, 1934), Lermontov (Borodino, 1948).

Widely known was his easel lithographs, included in the jubilee album: the 100th anniversary of Pushkin's death (“Pushkin among the Gypsies”) and to the 125th anniversary since the birth of Shevchenko (“Shevchenko in Orsk fortress”).

Master of lyrical landscape: “the Snow fell. Yard” (1937), “The Ruins. Kharkiv” (1944), “Spring” (1944), “River Tyasmin 99 ” (1944), “On The Dnieper” (1947), “Dnepr. Noon” (1948) — all in the technique autolithographies.

A member of the CFS since 1938 To 1945 — 1969 taught at the Art (since 1963 — art and industry) the Institute (Professor).

Almost all of the pre-war painting B. killed (and looted) during the occupation of Kharkov 1941 — 1943

Solo exhibitions: 1962, Kharkiv Art Institute; 1974, Kharkov Art Museum.

In 1968 V. I. Bilyk (Lviv) on the works of B. has written the book (not published).

Works are in HHM, DAOM etc. Archive — in Moscow, the granddaughter of the B. — Faith of E. Bondarenko.

(Reference prepared by V. N. Kulikov.)


V. I. Bilyk. The work of G. A. Bondarenko (1968) (unpublished monograph, Coll. V. N. Kulikova).

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