Nikolayevich Borisov

Russia • 1889−1937

Born in Nizhny Novgorod in 1889 in the family of a railway worker. Died in Barnaul in 1937, Studied in Kharkov, Moscow, St.-Petersburg (in school society for the encouragement of arts N.To. Roerich, A. A. Rylov and N. P. Himani). In the early 1920s, during the civil war came to Altai. By that time it was already an established artist working in painting, theatrical scenery, revolutionary agitation and mass art. Borisov soon became one of the leading painters of the city, the Secretary of the Barnaul branch of the Siberian Union of artists "New Siberia," the head of the art Museum of Barnaul, a prominent teacher and a set designer.

B. in Nizhny Novgorod. He studied at the Kharkov school of drawing and painting (1908-10), school of Society for encouragement of arts in St. Petersburg (1913-18). His teachers were N. K. Roerich, A. A. Radloff, I. Ya. Bilibin. From Borisov they embraced the culture of art and sensitivity to the art innovations. Worked as Asst. decorator in a number of Metropolitan theatres.

From 1918 he lived in the Altai, Chemal first, from 1923-in Barnaul. He was Secretary of the Board of the Society of arts, participated in the I Congress of artists of Siberia, in the activities of the society "New Siberia" on the organization Vsesibirskogo art exhibition (1926). In 1926 in Barnaul met with N. K. Roerich and members of his expedition, making the journey to Central Asia. He taught at the art Studio, where he studied future major artists of Barnaul, in particular, F. A. Filonov. Worked in all genres of painting.

Died in Barnaul, in 1937, here was his posthumous exhibition. The fate of the creative heritage of Borisov was tragic: more than 500 works lost after his death. The State art Museum of Altai territory are more than 20 works, among them "portrait of the wife in black", "portrait of the wife birch", "Red horsemen", "Partisans", "Self".

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