Iosifovich Bronstein

Russia • 1910−1987

Born in the village of corn near Kiev, in the family of the worker-artisan. The future artist's father was killed in 1919 during a pogrom, soon died, the mother and nine-year-old boy was in a Kyiv orphanage. Drawing attention to his drawing abilities, the leaders of the orphanage sent Shai Bronstein on training at the Kiev art College. After graduating from College and artist went to Leningrad and entered the Academy of fine arts, where about a year working at K. S. Petrov-Vodkin, however, due to illness leaves the school. In the early 30s S. Bronstein moved to Moscow, working with various publishers them From 1935 to 1941, continuing the practical work, a student in the Department of improvement of qualification in Moscow state in A. N. Usachev and G. V. Fedorov. During these years, many engaged in woodcut, linocut and lithography, visits organized in the city Committee of graphic artists Studio under the guidance of V. A. Favorsky. With the outbreak of war working on the disguise of military objects, in 1942 evacuation to Tashkent, where he managed the team to design various objects and also makes a lot of drawings. After the war, returned to Moscow. Since the mid-1950s in the chart of an artist dominated by print.

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