Ivanovich Charushin

Russia • 1901−1965

1901-10-28. Painter. A certificate of completion issued by the CVC on the basis of the qualification Commission, who reviewed provided sketches and studies recent stage 4 of the course on skill.

Honored. art worker of the RSFSR (1945). Graduated from the Leningrad. Later (1926), pupil of A. I. Savinov and A. A. Rylov. In 1918-20 served in the red army. From 1927 she worked as a graphic artist in the Leningrad. The detizdat, was influenced by Vladimir Lebedev. Simultaneously. also acted as a children's writer. Author of the book. "Volchishko and others" (1931), "Jake and friends" (1938), "Animals" (1949), "large and small" (1952) "Tomka" (1957). Fig. to own and other authors vol. about nature and animals, mounted prints for children's themes, etc.

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