Mikhailovich Zubov

Russia • 1907−1942

Thesis in the CVC made. He studied at the faculty of painting, awarded the title of artist-painter.

B. in Stary Oskol, Kursk province. At the start of the Kursk provincial Committee of Komsomol Z. in 1925 went to study in Leningrad in VHUTEIN. His mentors at the Institute were the artists of K. S. Petrov-Vodkin, V. E. Savinsky, A. A. Rylov. After graduating from the Institute visited the construction site of the Dnieper (1932), and the fruit of his observations was the painting "Youth of the Dnieper", which was subsequently acquired by the Voronezh art Museum. 1931 - 1932 Z. worked as a poster artist and Illustrator in the Leningrad offices Izogiz and Uchpedgize. From 1932 Z. constantly participates in various exhibitions in Leningrad, Dnepropetrovsk, Voronezh, Kursk, Stary Oskol. In 1933 - 1935 he worked as an artist in several regional Newspapers in Kursk region, and also in the "Kursk truth". He also taught painting and drawing in Stary Oskol and Exploration of Pedagogical colleges. In December 1935 Z. moved to Kursk and became Chairman of the Union of artists. Since then, the whole of his creative life is connected with the Kursk. Together with P. K. by Lichenum he becomes the organizer of the Kursk regional art gallery and art Studio for young artists in front of her. Special care showed C on the peripheral artists, organizing and directing their work. In the prewar years, at the initiative of Z. in Kursk was held a number of exhibitions by local painters, sculptors and graphic. Three of them visited K. F. Yuon, who did well not only about the paintings of Z., but also noted his tremendous energy in organizing the activities of the local branch of the Union of artists. In 1936 took place in Kursk major solo exhibition of watercolors and drawings C, which contained 120 of his works. Worked for C as in the genre of portraiture and the genre of landscape, including industrial. A legacy of Kursk Z. left an interesting gallery of portraits of Kurdish artists (portraits of P. K. Licina, A. F. Alexandrov, A. V. Ovchinnikov, etc.). During the second world war in September 1941 Z., a volunteer went to the front. Killed in battle near the village of Chernyshino the Ulyanovsk district of Kaluga region.

(J. A. Bugrov)

Lit.: The Book Of Memory. Kursk, "Marcingortat", 1993, vol. 1, p. 102.

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