Ivanovich Kalmykov

Russia • 1891−1967

(1891, Samarkand – 1967, Alma-ATA)

He studied at the Orenburg gymnasium, then at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture. From 1910 to 1914 he attended art school of V. N. The Zvantseva in St. Petersburg, where he taught Dobuzhinsky, Bakst, Petrov-Vodkin. From 1915 to 1935 he lived in Orenburg, engaged in the decoration of the revolutionary celebrations, as decorations for the theatre and circus, lecturing on art history and at the same time, actively working in painting and drawing. In 1935 he was invited as an artistic Director at the Kazakh theater of Opera and ballet. Kalmykov works are in museums of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Alma-ATA.

He was born in Samarkand on 6 October 1891, Soon his family moved to Orenburg where he studied at the gymnasium. In 1909-1910 he lived in Moscow, he attended art school in St. Petersburg, he studied at the Studio M. Dobuzhinsky and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.

After the 1917 revolution, he returned to Orenburg, participated in the design of revolutionary festivals, public buildings, and has lectured on the history of art, participated in art exhibitions.

In 1935, Kalmykov arrived in Kazakhstan at the invitation to work in the newly created musical theater Almaty (now the Academic theatre of Opera and ballet. Abai), where he worked for many years.

For Sergey Kalmykov art was not only the meaning of life, but a way of life. Sergey Ivanovich many words written with a capital letter - for it was no small things of everyday life. All things seemed to him as phenomena of Cosmic Existence. This solemn occasion he carried in his soul all the time, so each of his work carries a powerful energy of joy, so his every touch of the paper and the canvas becomes a miracle. Kalmykov died 27 APR 1967 in Almaty. His drawings and paintings of Sergey Kalmykov not sold. He created them for future viewers. However, this did not prevent him to evaluate his place among other artists. "The arts centre is currently in my head," he wrote. Just so conscious of their place in art, can and should be working artist.

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