Akkindinovich Kapanitsyn

Russia • 1895−1962

(1895-1961), a pupil of A. A. Rylova. A native of Derbent, the sailor and the hunter, a Joker and at the same time very shy person, D. A. Capricen was an interesting artist-a landscape painter, the schedule. Ocher-yellow, purple and mauve, a few impressionistic brushwork characteristic of his work. He loved to go to the sketches. Tarki, Kyakhulay — place endless walks with the disciples, walk in the sunshine. The Studio, which he led, were always crowded, and many modern Dagestan artists owe him their knowledge. D. A. Capricen was able to see for any small business wide horizons of the future.

(From the article by V. I. Markovina "Roads and trails of Dagestan" 1974)

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