Antonovna Govorova

Russia • 1893−1974

Honored worker of arts of Kazakhstan.

Elizabeth A. Govorov was born on 8 August 1890 in the village of Palagano Tver province. Educated at the Catherine Institute in St Petersburg. In 1907 he entered the school of the Society for the encouragement of arts, the head of which was N. To. Roerich. Teacher, Govorova was J. F. Tsionglinsky, a brilliant painter and teacher.

In 1912 at the initiative of the artists of the society "World of art" was organized by the "New art workshop" under the guidance of such outstanding artists as M. V. Dobuzhinsky, E. E. Lansere, Boris Kustodiev, etc. Along with Govorova in the Studio was made by famous artists N. Akimov, K. Rudakov, V. Telyakovskii, and others.

In the 20 years of the Sakharov worked as an artist-composer at the Leningrad porcelain factory im. Lomonosov, in the 30's - an artist-decorator in the theater of S. Radlov. In 1956 Govorov moved to Alma-ATA, where she creates a series of works that embody the glorious traditions of Russian graphic art, and features contemporary art.

Major works: "Sunset", "Spring", "Village Charales", "Tower in the member Specified.", "Watchtower", "Palaces and parks of Leningrad", "Marino. The view from the Park", "Marino. Near Leningrad", "Michael hall", "Lake Hepo-yarvi" (1948), "Sandy slopes" (1948), Toksovo" (1949), "Pitko-Towns" (1949), "the Shaggy Spruce on the hill", "Rock Sarcoma", "poplar among stones", "Stream in the mountains", "Spruce on the edge of the cliff" (1958), "Mist in the mountains" (1957), "Birth source", "Guardians of the sea", "April", "The place of ancient Colliery", "Thirst" (1962), "Birth source" (1964), "Flight" (1965), a series of drawings of "Grass" (1961-1965), "Excavations on the hill Tepsen", "Wild area" (1961), "Lonely tree", "Spring in the mountains", "Cherry", "April" (1964), etc.

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