Dmitrievich Flavitsky

Russia • 1830−1866

Born in Moscow on 13 September 1830 in the family of an official. The boy soon orphaned and as many as seven years spent in the educational home for poor children. The ability to draw it appeared early, and it did not go unnoticed. Flavitsky became a pensioner Society for the encouragement of artists, and then entered the Academy of arts in St. Petersburg, where he studied with Professor F. A. Bruni.

St. Petersburg Academy of arts .. .. graduated in 1855 with a gold medal, awarded to him for the painting "Children of Jacob sell his brother Joseph." Medal gave the right to travel abroad to improve skills. Six years (1856-62), the artist spent in Italy. A kind of scenic report Flavitsky was a big, full dramatic expression of the painting "Christian martyrs in the Coliseum" (1862, Russian Museum), for which he received the title of honorary obrnice AH.

The painting is obviously influenced By Briullov - the idol of the academic youth of the mid-nineteenth century And although Flavitsky was listed in the AH student of F. A. Bruni, in fact, it was one of those who worshipped Briullov. The first major work of Flavitsky had no success. Archaeology rightly called it "a ringing and theatrical, devoid of any independent relationship to reality." Born, two years later, the painting "Princess Tarakanova" brought the artist great fame.

.. .. Died September 3, 1866, thirty-six years, died of consumption at the Zenith of his fame.

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