Antonovich Rizzoni

Russia • 1836−1902

The son of an Italian from Bologna rizzoni was born in Riga, his first teacher in the visual arts was the elder brother of P. A. rizzoni. Basic education at the art Academy, which he entered in 1852. During training, the young artist at his own expense several trips abroad, visiting Italy, France, Spain, Belgium.

In 1862, A. rizzoni gets a gold medal for his diploma film "Auction in Livonia village" and went to a pensioner's trip to Europe.

Its presence, mainly in Italy, continuing until 1878, although he regularly sends their work to the Academy for academic or exhibition. Sometimes visits St. Petersburg personally assigned him to take the title of academician (1866) and Professor of painting (1868). Interesting the subject of his numerous paintings: scenes from the life of the Catholic clergy, the life of the Jewish communities, genre scenes of Roman life, the interiors of Inns and taverns, miniature portraits, female head.

The artist considered himself a Russian. In Russia, he arranged personal exhibitions. The most famous of them took place in 1889, which presented more than 40 works of the artist and the proceeds from which went in favor of the Alexander community of sisters of mercy "the red cross".

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