Ivanovich Lebedinsky

Russia • 1891−1972

Born in Luga, Saint Petersburg province in 1891, Died in 1972.

The son of a teacher, Lebedinsky he studied in St. Petersburg in 1910 – 1911 at the Central school of technical drawing of Baron Stieglitz, and in 1911 - 1916 – the school of the Society for the encouragement of artists. His teachers were A. A. Rylov and N. To. Roerich. All his life the artist remained faithful to realism. As a student, Lebedinsky began to participate in exhibitions and in 1914 showed his work at the exhibition of Russian graphic art in Leipzig. Acquainted with the nature of Siberia in 1916, the artist was impressed by the epic power of the Baikal landscape, and in 1917 moved to Irkutsk. Since 1918 Lebedinsky was a member of the East - Siberian Department of Russian geographical society and participant in expeditions in Siberia, and in 1920 he became Chairman of the Irkutsk society of artists. In 1925 he organized the 1st Siberian art exhibition in Irkutsk. From 1925 to 1928 Lebedinsky was the curator of the art gallery at the City Museum (now the Irkutsk regional art Museum). In 1942 – 1944 he lived in Leningrad, Staraya Russa, in the Gorky region. After returning to Siberia, he taught at the Irkutsk art College and other educational institutions of the city. Heritage Lebedinsky – drawings, graphic albums, paintings, devoted to the past of Irkutsk and the Baikal nature.

Born in the city of Luga of the Petersburg province. He received his artistic education in the Petersburg Central school of technical drawing of Baron Stieglitz school of the Society for the encouragement of arts, A. A. Rylov, and P. S. Naumov, I. Bilibin, V. V. mate, H. K. Roerich, A. V. Prahova.

1911 - member of the Board of the artists Association.

1917 - Moved with his family in Irkutsk.

1918 - member of the East-Siberian branch of the Russian geographical society.

1920 - Chairman of the Irkutsk society of artists.

1927 - the Keeper of the Irkutsk art gallery, a delegate of the First all-Siberian Congress of artists.

1931 - At the invitation works in the Leningrad Central geographical Museum.

1932 - Arrested and exiled to the Solovki camp. After his release in 1934 he moved with his family in Staraya Russa.

1941-1944 - Is evacuated to Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod) region, working as a teacher of painting and drawing at the village school, a photographer.

1944 - Returned to Irkutsk and teaches at the Irkutsk art school (1949).

1951 - Awarded the title of Honored art worker.

Interesting man and a talented teacher, he is constantly surrounded by people. Organizes and manages the art Studio, first in Irkutsk University and then to medical school. Exhibition activity of Lebedinsky began in 1910 and lasted until the death of the artist. His works are in many Siberian museums, the Tretyakov gallery, the State Russian Museum. The Museum of fine arts. A. S. Pushkina., as well as abroad. With Irkutsk state University Lebedinsky related since its Foundation. He participated in many research expeditions (archeological, biological, geographical, paleontological). Here's what he wrote in his autobiography: "Since 1924, I have participated in several expeditions that helps me to deeply understand the greatness and beauty of the region. Knowledge has always been one of the elements of my work". Passion paleogeology was the reason for the creation of textbooks, paintings, reconstructions of extinct animals. Interest in history, architecture, Ethnography came to fruition in the form of albums of Irkutsk "Ostrog", "Moscow gates" (edition of 1929), easel graphics, numerous illustrations, articles and pamphlets. And still the main theme of his work was the nature of lake Baikal, which impressed the artist with the first meeting and didn't release the rest of his life. She made a great friendship for many years of the artist B. I. Lebedinsky and scientist bialoweza M. M. Kozova. It was on the initiative of M. M. Kozova Museum at the Department of Zoology of invertebrates was supplemented with new exhibits of paintings B. I. Lebedinsky.

Participation in exhibitions

school of Society for encouragement of arts (St. Petersburg) - 1910;

Partnership independent (St. Petersburg), 1916;

First all-Siberian (Irkutsk) - 1925;

interregional (Novosibirsk, Irkutsk) - 1947;

regional - since 1920;

zonal - 1964, 1967, 1969, 1975;

Republican (Moscow) - 1949, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1960, 1971 .;

the all - Union (Moscow) 1946, 1957, (Leningrad) - 1959;

personal (Irkutsk) - 1961, 1971, 1972.


Lareva T. G., Lebedinsky, Boris Ivanovich. The Artists Of Irkutsk. 1994.

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