Efimovich Osipov

Russia • 1892−1981

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born in 1892, he received his artistic education in St. Petersburg, his Parents, the villagers of Kashinsky area of the former Tver province — engaged in farming. Eleven-year-old boy after finishing the rural schools he was brought to St. Petersburg and defined in the icon-painting workshop, and then in 1905 he entered the School of the arts encouragement society. Here, practicing under the guidance of teachers, headed by N. Roerich and A. Silovym, the artist received a solid and lasting basis of the drawing and has passed a good school of painting. After graduating from College in 1915 he entered the Academy of fine arts, where he studied under professors G. Zaleman, A. Makovsky and I. tvorozhnikova. His drawings 20 years different great skill, brevity, sharpness and elegance of touch. This can be judged by its first exhibitions 1926-1928, organized by Association "ISTR" ("Art workers"). About serious success in painting the portraits show 30 years. Portrait of M. S. Osipova (1935) is confident, strong figure and large picturesque qualities.

In 1939, A. Osipov was admitted to the Moscow organization of the Union of artists. Giving most of the time educational activities (1920-1945 gg.), he also works as an artist-correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and other Newspapers, is poster, book graphics and illustration for various publications.

1950 G. A. Osipov intensively engaged in painting, wrote sketches on the streets of Moscow, gathering material for the planned cycle "Moscow built". This is one of his best landscapes "In Krasnaya Presnya Park".

1960 A. Osipov and many successfully working in the creative cottages, trips in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, in the Crimea, in the Caucasus creates an interesting series of sketches. From Ukraine brings sketches for the painting "picking apples". In the Baltic States collected extensive material from the life of fishermen on the basis of which says "Fishermen", "Klaipeda", "Shipyard". These works give him the right to participate in the all-Union exhibition of marine painters in 1961, He participated in the exhibition dedicated to the guards (1963), the exhibition "At home country" and "Monuments of history and culture in the works of Moscow artists" (1967).

In 1973, a series of solo exhibitions A. Osipova in the halls of the Union of artists in Moscow.

Osipov-rodonachalnik dynasty artists Osipov and Fedorov. The exhibition of this family, was successfully held in Moscow (1994, 1995, 1999) and the USA (1995, 1997, 2002).

The works of A. E. Osipov stored in the State historical Museum, the State Museum of the revolution, Institute of physics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, at Moscow state University.M.In.University, as well as in private collections in Russia and abroad: in the UK, USA, Italy, France, Bulgaria and other countries.

"...Bold brushstrokes convey the cold rearing water of the Baltic sea and the mist-shrouded quays of Klaipeda. The calm waters of the Neva is clad in granite reflect the strict architecture of Leningrad. Melting in the lilac haze of the embankments, the sculpture emerges a clear silhouette against the sky, the Golden dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral here and there appears in the Leningrad sketches. With warmth and love writes the city of his youth E. Alexander.

Fresh and humid air is filled with spring sketches, written HF Staraya Ladoga, and in Tarusa. "Blue stream" and "River of Russia" attracted by the sincerity and directness of perception. Many of the artist works and on the Moscow landscape."

S. Cherkizyan. "Paintings and drawings of A. E. Osipova". 25 Sep 1973. Moscow artist.

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