Semenovna Rabinovich

Russia • geboren in 1907

Ivories. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Thesis in the CVC - the design of the rooms of the club, INPI. The training took place at the faculty of painting, awarded the title of artist of monumental painting.

(1907, Libava — 2001, Moscow)

Born in Libau (Liepaja) in Latvia. To study painting beginning, as in the last years of school and at age 19 he exhibited at the 8th exhibition of AHRR (Association of artists of revolutionary Russia).

First he studied with Yakov Andreyevich Corowa (one of the active members of the "Union of Russian artists", representative of the Russian picturesque tradition) in Real school collaborative learning V. P. Kuzmina in St. Petersburg and Anapa. Then in Novorossiysk in a Working artist's Studio Kuvakina organized in the cement plant.

In 1921 he entered the Moscow pilot school-commune them. Of found (MOPSC), where drawing was taught by artist Yakov Alexandrovich Bashilov. Working in the Studio AHRR.

On the advice of heads of Studio (P. Kiselis, I. Mashkov, F. Bogorodsky) goes to Leningrad and entered the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. The first course was a student of A. Karev and A. Rylova, senior – A. Savinov and K. Petrov-Vodkin. Drawing was taught by P. Naumov, M. Manizer, A. Savinov and K. Petrov-Vodkin.

In 1930, he graduated from the vkhutein in workshop A. Savinov, defended his diploma work – painting the walls in the building of the Academy on the topic "Shooting sports" and received the diploma of the artist of monumental painting.

In 1932, he resumed his studies and graduate student in 1936, also completed in the Studio of A. Savinova, who became the workshop of easel painting. I graduated from the Academy a picture of "Red came (1920 Kuban)".

In the next 5 years he worked in Saratov: engaged in pedagogical work, since 1939 head of the local Union of artists, in the years of the war led the art team Saratov "Agitation".

After the war twice arrives in Stalingrad on the construction of the canal Volga-don, hydro power and plantations.

In the spring of 1954 with a team of artists going to the new lands and worked there for several seasons at the farm Russko-Polyanskiy Omsk region. Then comes the construction of the Bratsk hydroelectric power station. In Akademgorodok of Novosibirsk met with scientists of the Siberian branch of the Academy of Sciences.

Visited the White sea in the Eastern Crimea, puscino, Dubna, and also in the houses of creativity in Novorossiysk, the Caucasus, the Baltic States and others. the Most fruitful was a trip to Pushchino, Russia, Stalingrad, the virgin and Pereslavl-Zalessky.

Major works: "First wedding on virgin soil"(1959), "Student(the Difficult thirties)"(1963), "Kuban. Red came"(1969), "On the farm"(1970), etc.

Has certificates and diplomas of the Union of artists of USSR, artists ' Union of Russia and others. Awarded medals of the USSR.

Works are in public and private collections of Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Belgium and the United States.


-Personal exhibition "L. S. Rabinovich", Exhibition hall of Moscow artists, Moscow 1986

-Personal exhibition in Central house of artists, Moscow 1991

"Love Rabinovich, Galina Solovyeva and Boris Popov" Central house of artists, Moscow 1993

The work of L. S. Rabinovich are in the collections of:

The state Tretyakov gallery, Moscow

- Saratov Museum of art imeni A. N. Radishchev

National Museum of fine arts of the Kazakh SSR

Art Museum of the city of Tselinograd

Art Museum of the city of Bugulma

Art Museum of the city of Voronezh

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