Yurievich Cherkesov

Russia • 1900−1943

She studied at the school Gagarina (New art Studio) (1917). In 1918 he entered PGSKHUM (b.Academy of fine arts) to K. S. Petrov-Vodkin, in 1921, moved to I. D. Kardovsky, and in 1923 the printing Department of the Academy.

Since 1922 he was engaged in book graphics, cooperated with the publishers of "Aquilon" (1922), "Time", "Surf", "rainbow" (all 1924). Until 1925 there were more than 30 books to his design.

In 1919 he married the daughter of A. N. Benoit Anne. In 1920 had a son, Alexander.

In 1925, together with Benois family emigrated to France. In France he was mainly engaged in landscapes, designed the edition of Russian fairy tales in French (1937).

Participant of exhibitions since 1918, including exhibitions in the art World. Petersburg, Anichkov Palace. May-June 1922.; Travelling exhibition of Russian art in the United States. 1924-1925.; International exhibition. Paris. 1937 (received gold medal).

In 1941, after the entry of the USSR during the second world war Yuri Cherkesov with his son as a citizen of the USSR was arrested and placed in a concentration camp in Compiegne. The Efforts Of A. N. and A. Benois few months they were released.

In the summer of 1943 was opened the first personal exhibition of Yuri Cherkesov in Paris. 31.07.1943 the artist committed suicide.

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