Konstantinovna Evenenbach

United States • 1889−1981

Schedule, watercolorist, painter. He studied at the Higher women's courses (1917-24) and at Petrograd. Swomee - the higher art (1918-23) in Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. From 1928 the participant of exhibitions. In the 1920s he worked in Detgiz. Collected materials on the history and culture of peoples of the Far East. In 1948-52 he taught at the Herzen state pedagogical University. Graphic and pictorial compositions (including "Students", 1923), etchings, vol. Fig. etc.

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

The name of E. K. Evenbah (1889 - 1981) associated with the heyday of the Soviet book graphics of the late 1920-ies, the so-called school of V. V. Lebedev. Evenbah created in the Commonwealth in B. Zhitkov, A. Vvedensky, E. Schwartz wonderful children's books "Market", "On the river", "Cotton" and many others. Much work has been done, Evenbah in the creation of primers and first books for the peoples of the North, who had to the Soviet government their writing. Evenbah, was an artist-ascetic. To study the life, the art of these people, she had travelled to their village, overcoming considerable difficulties. Great cultural, historical and artistic importance are made by the artist copies of the Novgorod frescoes and sketches of the architecture of Ancient Novgorod - all that during the great Patriotic war was razrushila the Nazi invaders.

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