Mikhailovich Erbstein

Russia • 1901−1965

He studied at VKhUTEMAS in the class of K. S. Petrov-Vodkin. In 1918-20 worked at Sun. E. Meyerhold courses mastery of stage productions (stage direction courses). In the 1920s, designed the performances of the Leningrad theatres In the mid 1920s, he met with harms. In 1927 Kharms

records in the West. the book: "At the end of "the Comedy of St. Petersburg" to have a reading, inviting Vvedensky, z, Vaganova, Bechtereva, Lipavsky, Steinman, Terentyev, Dmitrieva, Erbstein" (Vvedensky, II, 243). Erbstein harms (as well as presentation and Safonova until October 1) was serving a six-month exile in Kursk. After a short stay in Leningrad

Erbstein sent in Borisoglebsk, where he, along with S. M. Gershom worked as an artist in the Theater of the muses. Comedy, then it "translate" in Petrozavodsk, Saratov. In 1936 he received permission to return to Leningrad. In September 1941, arrested again on charges of espionage in favor of Germany. After two years of work on spetsstroja was transferred to the scenic shop furniture factory Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs head of the workshop of wood carving, manufacturing of furniture for offices "responsible" persons of the CPSU(b) and the NKVD, and later worked in Krasnoyarsk. In

December 1947 released by minus, settled in Stalinogorsk, where he arrived with his family. In 1952, with Shostakovich moved to Gorky in 1954 -- in Kuibyshev, artist of the Theater of Opera and ballet. In 1958, rehabilitated. July 13, 1964, he committed suicide. Cm. on the vicissitudes of his fate after the second arrest, Erbstein B. Letters from // the Arts of Leningrad. 1989. No. 6. P. 70-81. Pref., publ. and comm. HP, Owes. Cm.

also the exhibition catalogue: Slavcheva. Erbstein. Yakunin. L., 1987, article:

Lazuka A. two mentors // Creativity. 1989. No. 7. P. 15-16.

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