Isaakovna Dymshits-Tolstaya (Pesatti)

Russia • 1889−1963

(1884, St. Petersburg – 1963, Leningrad)-Russian artist-avangardistki.

Wife brother-in-law (brother's wife) Marc Chagall – Isaac Rosenfeld (1905 – 1906), the civil wife of A. N. Tolstoy (1907 – 1914) and Vladimir Tatlin (1917 – 1921), wife of the Bavarian architect-Communist Herman, Passati (1921 – 1939). The addressee, the inspiration and the prototype of many literary texts, a model of multiple portraits of outstanding Russian artists of the first decades of the twentieth century.

Studied art at Zvantseva arts school (St. Petersburg, 1907; among the teachers of L. Bakst

and K. Petrov-Vodkin).

Began to exhibit in Moscow in 1912, when Thick became friendly with artists of "Jack of diamonds" Saryan, Milioti, Kulovym, Pavel Kuznetsov, Lentulov.

In 1916, started painting on glass and reliefs. Participated in the exhibition "Shop", organized in the same year, the founder of Russian constructivism

Tatlin. In 1918 he was Secretary of Tatlin in Moscow Art Board of IZO Narkompros, has prepared for publication the first (and only) issue of "international art".

In 1925 – 1935 headed the art departments of magazines "Worker" and "Peasant." Among her works of this time – propaganda posters, a series of portraits of women and self portraits. Work Dymshits-Tolstaya was exhibited at the International art exhibition in Venice (1924).

After the death of the fourth man, which happened in 1939 after his arrest and brief imprisonment at the camp, to the end of his days lived in a communal apartment, all alone. Did not receive pensions and was not present. A daughter from his second marriage, Marian, brought up in a family of father, relationship with mother did not support the son of Passati, Alexander, died in 1942 at Stalingrad.

In 1950 Dymshits-Tolstaya wrote "memories of A. N. The large".

Preserved works are in state Russian Museum and provincial museums of Russia and in private collections and in the family of her great-niece, Lucy Kostelanetz (USA).

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