Yakovlevna Tymoshenko

Russia • 1903−1976

Born in 1903 in St. Petersburg, in a family of aristocratic traditions. In 1923 exams in the Academy of fine arts. From 1923 to 1928 studying at the State art-industrial College in the Department of theatre and decorative art from M. P. Bobyshev, A. A. Rylov, P. A. Mansurov, as well as at the State Institute of artistic culture (GINHUKE) in the workshop of P. A. Mansurov. In 1928 entered the society "Circle of artists", one of the most radical avant-garde community, which included Pakhomov, Pakulin, Rudakov, Kupervasser, Samokhvalov, Zagoskin, participates in exhibitions of the "Circle" in the Russian Museum in 1929 in Kiev in 1930. In 1932 joined the Union of Soviet artists participating in the exhibition "Artists of RSFSR for 15 years". From 1932 to 1935 studying at the Higher courses of skill (graduate school) at the Academy of fine arts in the Studio of A. I. Savinov, writes a picture "bathing".In 1935 – 1937 works with E. D. Zagoskin on the mural lounge in the Leningrad Palace of pioneers (former Anichkov Palace). From 1938 to 1941 works in experimental lithographic workshop of the Leningrad Union of artists, where he created a famous print of "Katyusha". After the defeat of creative groups and associations she was able to keep its creative person, creating the equivalent of an epoch of construction of socialism – children's series. In September 1941, was evacuated from Leningrad to the Yaroslavl region, then to Siberia, Central Asia, Udmurtia. In 1943 he moved to Moscow. Participates in art exhibitions (1945 – "Cavalry-girl Nadezhda Durova", 1948 – "Zoe"). Works in genres of portrait and still life (1956 – 1967), illustrations for Alexander Pushkin's novel "Eugene Onegin" in grisaille technique (1951 – 1954) and in the technique of color lithography (1960 – 1967). Working in the experimental lithographic Studio of the Moscow Union. In 1947 and in 1961 held a personal exhibition Leonid Tymoshenko in the Exhibition hall of the Union of artists (Moscow, Kuznetsk bridge, 20). In 60-e years has acquired the status of a consummate portraitist. The work liberated by the color work on the reconstruction of the "Trinity" of Andrei Rublev and play it in the technique of color lithography had been left unfinished.

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