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Akimovich Laveretsky

Russia • 1837−1907

Professor of sculpture; he was born in Moscow in 1837, the son of the Mayor of Panfilovich, he started his artistic education in St. Petersburg. drawing school, then in Academy of Arts under P. S. Pimenov, she is completing her education abroad. Most are issued following works of Nikolai Akimovich: "the Agony in the garden", "Boy and girl with a bird", "Neapolitan Boy with monkey", "Kids staring in the mirror," "Spring," "Cupid at the door of the psyche," "Orphans, begging for alms".

He studied at the St. Petersburg drawing school for coming (now the society for the encouragement of arts) and the Academy of fine Arts, under the leadership of N. With. Pimenov . Received gold medal for a bas-relief: ""Cincinnat receives ambassadors from Rome, telling him of his election to" dictators" and bas: ""the Return of Regulus of Carthage"". Long lived in Italy. Sent out in 1868: ""the Boy and girl feeding the bird"" - academician; for other work performed in Italy: the statues ""the Boy from Naples, with the monkey"" (in the Tretyakov gallery), ""First rose"" and ""bather"" group ""Little coquette"" (1872, the Museum of Alexander III), and ""Children, asking for alms"" the busts ""Sappho"", "Vesna", ""Kucharka"", ""Nasturtium"" other - Professor. Among his other works are issued the statue: ""Trade"" (1876), ""Industry"" (1876), "mefistofele" (1881), ""Modesty"" (1881), ""Rhodope"" (1882), ""Cupid and Psyche"" (1887, Museum of Alexander III), high relief "angel" (1884), the group ""mother love"" (1876), ""Head of an old Jew"" (Museum of Alexander III), the monuments of M. I. Glinka in Smolensk, and Catherine II , in Simferopol, a few portrait busts (the great Prince Vladimir Alexandrovich , Emperor Alexander II , singer O. Petrova , N. And. Kostomarov, etc.). He taught sculpture at the Academy in 1870 - 1894.

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