Dmitrievich Kuznetsov

Ukraine • 1850−1929

The son of a major landowner of Kherson province. Under the influence of the passions of traveling art exhibitions, began to practice painting and soon entered the Imperial Academy of arts,studying where he received three silver medals.

He began to exhibit his works since 1881 at the exhibitions of the Association of traveling art exhibitions, an active participant and a member, which was for a long time. In 1897 was appointed Professor-head of the Studio batalicheskih painting IAH, but held this position only two years.

Often traveled abroad, getting acquainted with contemporary foreign artists and purchased their works, of which he formed the gallery, one of the best in the South of Russia. Was one of the organizers of the founding of the Association of South Russian artists(TYURH)

In the village of stepanivka, Odessa County Kherson province (now the Odessa Region Kominternovsky district), the son of Lieutenant-captain Dmitry Mikhailovich Kuznetsov 14(2) Dec 1850 son was born. Baptized him in Novobelitski Ioana Baptist Church on December 21 at Nicholas day and gave him the name Nicholas. The godfather was captain Ivan Mikhailovich Kolmogorov and captain Gabriel L. wife Marya. So began the life of Nikolai Dmitrievich Kuznetsov.

Family Kuznetsov firmly settled in the Odessa district. So the brothers Dmitry Mikhailovich, all military, Lieutenant Leo, staff captain Konstantin Mikhailovich, Lieutenant Nikolai Mikhailovich and were landowners of the Odessa district. To Dmitry Mikhailovich belonged to the village of Novomarkovka, Konstantinovka, dmytrivka, stepanivka, maryanovka, Phoneno.

Education Nicholas has received in the Odessa gymnasium. Teaching oppressed him. Aptitude for science, unlike younger brother Dmitri, he didn't show and in the 7th grade, leaves school. In the village, he leads a free life carefree master. Hunting was his favorite pastime.

His mother, Claudia Gavrilovna Kuznetsova (nee. Leontovich), finds son's propensity for drawing and takes him to Odessa, to a family friend, the artist F. D. Malman, one of the best teachers of the Odessa drawing school. Within a year, he takes lessons from him, if it discovers great abilities .

When Nicholas was 26 years old, he being from a military family, possessing extraordinary physical abilities, he decides to go to St. Petersburg to enter the guards lancers.

The commander of the guards Ulan, Baron Essen, was sick. N. D. did not get to see him.

He suddenly takes an unexpected decision to become an artist, enters a volunteer at the Academy of fine arts.

It worked well, but often left the Academy, living and painting in his native estate. In total, Kuznetsov stayed in the Academy for three winters, and then for two or three months. One third stayed in the main class, two-thirds of the figure, then about a year in the field. During this time he received three silver medals.

In 1879, at the insistence of I. N. Kramskoy, I. I. Shishkin, and he leaves the Academy and returns to Stepanivka , where, together with A. P. by Rosmarinum continues to paint.

In the estate there to the field work with the Volyn province arrived "workers" . Among workers liked Nicholas girl. The feeling turned into love. The mother of Nicholas marriage opposed, and workers fired. Nicholas persistence and courage, returned workers and Gunn was the name of the girl and future wife .

Officially N. D. married A. G. Protsenko, a daughter of a retired warrant officer, in the common faith of the assumption Church Odessa February 5, 1888, their marriage was formalized when they had already two children. One of the witnesses was Chiriac Kostandi

In 1880 he visited Germany and France, where she met with I. P. Pokhitonov. In the same year, his first daughter Mary.

In the early 1880s met with Mamontov and artists Abramtsevo circle: V. D. Polenov, V. M. Vasnetsov, V. A. Serov and Ilya Repin.

Between 1881 and annually participated in exhibitions of the Association of traveling art exhibitions (TPHV) (member of the Association since 1883).

In the same 1881 had a son Michael

V. A. Serov, arrived in 1885, who lived in Odessa, the bride held in Stepanivka half of October and all of November. Here he wrote the essay "the Oxen"

In 1887 he became one of the founders of the Association of South Russian artists (TYURH) and a permanent member of its exhibitions; participated in international exhibitions and exhibitions of Russian art abroad. In the same year along with his younger brother Dmitry Kuznetsov and K. Kostandi travel around Europe.

In 1889 an event occurred, which many believe was a turning point for Nikolay Dmitrievich. Showing off his strength before his brother and friends he is holding on his shoulders two people, picked up lying on the ground thirty-two pounds of the woman. The result was a sprained knee. Many years after that, he had to walk on crutches. Had to work sitting down.

Since 1890 the creative workshop of the artist's estate stepanivka. In the same year takes part in the organization of Church (Tovarishestvo South Russian Artists)

In 1891 he was born the second daughter Ludmila

1893 moved to work in Odessa

In November 1895года, after the reorganization of the Academy of arts was invited to the art school of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts Professor-head of the class battle painting.

In March 1897 Kuznetsov left the Academy

In 1897 acquires a plot of land from the lands of the former summer residence of Liders and starting to build a gallery and workshop. 1899 construction ends

1900 Art gallery. In her collection was a painting by I. Repin, V. Serov, Kramskoy, Vasnetsov, I. Pohitonova, paintings by French artists of the salon Champs de Mars, artists, Jacques Alexander, L. Delano, S. Kotte, G. Lutosa, Frits thaulov etc., This gallery has played a significant role in shaping the creative attitudes of the Odessa artists.

In 1900, the representation of I. E. Repin, V. A. Beklemishev, and A. P. Sokolov, was elected a full member of the Academy of arts (fine arts). P

will animal part in all exhibitions of Church and Wanderers. N. D. Kuznetsov was very popular in Odessa, receiving a lot of orders. His shop was a centre where there were not only local artists, but also I. E. Repin, V. A. Serov, V. D. Polenov, M. Vrubel, F. Shalyapin, P. K. Saksahanskoho, and many other prominent cultural figures.

In the early 1920 emigrated with his family to the Kingdom of CXC. Lived in cities Ures, Bela Tsarkva, Rijeka and Sarajevo. He painted mostly commissioned portraits. Participated in the Exhibition of Russian painting and sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum (1923) and the Exhibition of Association of Russian artists in the Kingdom of CXC (1928).

In February 1929 died. Buried in Sarajevo

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