Italia • 1858−1899
Giovanni Segantini (Italian. Giovanni Segantini, January 15, 1858, Arco - September 28, 1899, Mount Schafberg, Pontresina) - a stateless artist who was born in Austria, spent his childhood and youth in Italy, and lived most of his life in Switzerland. Segantini lost his father and mother as a child, did not eat up, wandered, stole, lived with a half-sister, learned to read and write only after 30 years, but was accepted into the Brera Art Academy in Milan right away. Segantini becomes known from the very first participation in a public exhibition, his first picture is bought by the Art Society of Milan, he receives an offer of long-term cooperation from a famous dealer and becomes one of the most sought-after artists in Italy.

Features of the artist Giovanni Segantini: Segantini's strongest passion was mountains. He moves to the Alps with her beloved Beach. He will live in the mountains for 20 years and even before his death he will ask to move his bed to the window to look at the mountains. With the measured life of the inhabitants of the mountains, with the transparent, ghostly mountain scenery associated most of the works of Segantini. He never saw the paintings of French pointiff artists, but simply heard a story about this avant-garde pictorial technique from his dealer — and wrote the best alpine paintings, dividing complex colors into several clean ones, imposing individual strokes in tiny dots.

Famous works of Giovanni Segantini:"Evil Mothers", “Alpine Triptych. A life", “Alpine Triptych. Nature", “Alpine Triptych. Death".
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