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Angelo Morbelli (it. Angelo Morbelli, 1853, Alexandria - 1919, Milan) - Italian divisional painter, a member of the art group, consisting of graduates from the Academy of Brera and established in Milan in the 1880s. Morbelli refused to study music because of progressive deafness and took up painting. At the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889 he received a gold medal. He participated in the Venice Biennale in 1903 with a series of paintings written in a hospice for poor old people.

Features of the artist Angelo Morbelli: divisionism in the works of Morbelli received the most unexpected and impressive incarnation. The heroes of his paintings are tired, unhappy old people from a shelter, peasants, bent over rice fields. Morbelli's picturesque canvases consist of a number of thin long strokes, made in several repetitive colors. And if the French pointillists have bright colors that are extremely saturated and light, the paintings of Morbelli, written in separate strokes, flicker with a warm, muffled light. He uses one of the most advanced techniques to implement advanced views: he looks for social outcasts, for two years he equips a studio in a hospice with poor old people, watches the exhausting work of peasant women.

Famous paintings by Angelo Morbelli: "For eighty cents!", “Festive Day at the Trivulcio Hospice in Milan”, "Christmas for those who stayed", "Boat on Lake Maggiore".
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