United States • 1738−1820
The artist Benjamin West (1738-1820), Anglo-American known for his large scale historical paintings. Great work Benjamin West, is mainly devoted to court life of king George III and US history.
The artist's works (paintings) – this chilly academic, and the apparent retreat from the strict canons. Historical compositions tend neoklassitsisticheskoy spirit, transmission of the environment and costumes of different desire for accuracy of the facts of history.
Names of famous paintings by Benjamin West:
• "Death on a white horse";
• "Hagar and Ishmael";
• "The Golden age" and others.
All of this – the titles of the works of the West, played an important role in the dissemination of didactic and epic genre fashionable in the late 18th century. The work of the master contributed to the development of historical painting in Britain and portraiture in America.
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