Henri Edmond

France • 1856−1910
Henri Edmond Cross (Fr. Henri Edmond Cross, May 5, 1856, Douai - May 16, 1910, Le Lavandou, Var) - French neo-impressionist painter. Real name is Henri Edmond Delacroix. The artist changed him so that the audience did not associate his work with the art of a distinguished predecessor. Cross studied in the workshops of famous traditional artists and was a student at the Academy of Fine Arts. He sent classic landscapes to the salon, tried to write impressionistic works. Even after meeting withPaul Signac and acquaintance with other neo-impressionists, for a long time adhered to their own path in painting, sharing only their political anarchist views with pointillists. Only in the early 1890s began to paint in the style of pointillism.

Features of the artist Henri-Edmond Cross: The artist is called the neo-impressionist second generation. He did not stand at the origins of divisionism, but accepted the main ideas.Georges seura and Paul Signac - and after a while in many ways changed them. Cross writes in separate strokes, but no longer expects to deceive the eyes of the viewer and create the effect of mixing colors. His painting is deliberately separate - between strokes sometimes even shines through the unpainted canvas. Cross invites you to visit Signac and the young living nearbyHenri Matisse and Andre Derain. It is the painting style of Cross, which has transformed pointillism to a pure color declaration, will have a powerful influence on future Fauvist artists.

Famous paintings by Henri-Edmond Cross: "Evening air", "Cathedral of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice", Madame Hector France, "Bathers".
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