Sebastiano del

Italia • 1485−1547

Was a pupil of Giovanni Bellini. In the early works Piombo the influence of Giorgione and Titian.

In 1511, the artist moved to Rome, where moving closer to Raphael. His work has become rigor, become more balanced, but do not lose the flavor of Venice.

After 1515, painting by Sebastiano del Piombo gain dramatic color, this is due to the influence of Michelangelo, which he has on the Venetian. As an illustration, you can specify the painting "Resurrection of Lazarus", written between 1517 and 1519 years. The artist's works created during the counter-reformation, different grim harshness of the imagery

Italian painter of the High Renaissance. Actually, the real name Luciani (Luciani). Born in Venice in approximately 1485. Studied in Venice Giovanni Bellini, was influenced by Giorgione and Titian; from 1511 he worked mainly in Rome. Under the influence of Raphael's painting Sebastino del Piombo had acquired the rigor and poise, while retaining the characteristic of the Venetian school of the sonority of color (“a Young Roman woman” or “Dorothea”, circa 1512-1515, Picture gallery, Berlin-Dahlem; the frescoes of the Villa Farnesina in Rome, 1511).

From the end of 1510-ies the artist's work (largely under the influence of Michelangelo) bears the stamp of emphatic drama (“Resurrection of Lazarus”, 1519, national gallery, London), pointing out the crisis of the artistic principles of the Renaissance.

The artist's works created during the counter-reformation, differ in the severity of dark imagery (“the Martyrdom of Saint Agatha”, 1520, Galleria Pitti, Florence; “Christ carrying the cross”, 1537, State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg). Brushes by Sebastiano del Piombo is the author of many portraits of his famous contemporaries, in particular, Christopher Columbus, Pope Clement VII, Giulio Gonzaga, Pietro Aretino and others.

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