Germany • 1880−1966
Fritz Bleyl (it. Fritz Bleyl; 8 October 1880, Zwickau, Saxony – 19 August 1966, bad Iburg) – German artist-expressionist, one of the founders of the art Association "Bridge". Unlike his like-minded colleagues, never left his architectural practice, he began teaching almost immediately after the Higher technical school, got married and immediately left avant-garde, the revolutionary group. After was state Advisor of the architecture. Participating in the youth projects of the group and shared exhibitions, after the exit did not seek fame and personal artistic search.

Features of the artist Fritz Blala: like all members of the group "Bridge", Bleil seriously studied engraving, created image, built upon a solid, uniform color spots or strange, angular, defiantly primitive figure. One of Bleyle was banned by the Berlin police for the first group exhibition in his sketch was printed playbill: light silhouette of a naked woman on a bright orange background. Some of his early landscape work performed in the technique of pointillism, some late city sketches – already got rid of the avant-garde, annoyingly contrasting colors and deliberately distorted contours.

Famous works of Fritz Blala: "Danish landscape", "The Castle Gößweinstein", The poster for the first exhibition of the artistic Association "the Bridge", "Reclining Nude".

Author: Anna Sidelnikova
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