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Andre de

France • 1884−1974

Biografie und Informationen

Dunway Andre de Segonzac (FR. André Dunoyer de Segonzaс, rod. 7 Jul 1884, Bussy-Saint-Antoine, Essonne mind. On 17 September 1974, Paris) — French painter, graphic artist and Illustrator. He was one of the most important representatives of realistic painting in France in the period between the two world wars.

In 1900 A. Segonzac arrives at the Paris School of fine arts. In 1903 he became a pupil at the art workshop, Luc-Olivier Meursault. In 1907 he studies with Jean-Paul Laurent and attends Academy La pallett in Montparnasse. First time pictures of Segonzac published in 1908 in the magazine "La Grande Revue" and "Le Temoin". In the same year held his first exhibition in the Paris Autumn salon and the Salon of Independent. His paintings the artist paints in a realistic manner.

For a few years before the First world war Segonzac rents a house near Saint-Tropez and wrote there during the summer months scenery. Love for the landscapes of southern France, the artist retains for life. In 1910, the master met with the designer Field Poiret and with the artists max Jacob, Raoul Dufy and Maurice de Vlaminck. In the period between 1910 and 1914, the artist travels a lot; he visited Italy, Spain and North Africa, was interested in dancing, which tries to display on the canvas. At the time of the First world war Segonzac has served since 1914 and 1918, the infantry units of the French army. His numerous military sketches are not only artistic, but historical value.

After the war, the artist has participated in numerous exhibitions, including the Paris salons. In 1920 comes the exhibition of his works in London. In 1921 he makes acquaintance with Paul valéry, Jean Cocteau and Leon-Paul Fargues; since 1930 — a friend of Segonzac, Andre Derain. In 1928, he makes an exhibition tour of the United States, ended in complete success. In 1933 the master is rewarded with the award of the Carnegie Foundation in Pittsburgh, in 1934 he won a prize at the Venice Biennale. In 1938 an exhibition of his paintings in Chicago, in 1939 in London in 1949-1950 in Paris and Basel in 1951 in Geneva in 1959 — at the Royal Academy in London. In the same year, A. Segonzac involved in the exhibition of contemporary art documenta II in Kassel. In 1969, again followed by a show in London, and in 1972 in Paris. After the Second world war, the artist deals primarily with abstract graphics.

In 1947 A. de Segonzac became a member of the British Royal Academy. Since 1948, he is a corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Belgium.