Antoine Jean

France • 1771−1835
Antoine-Jean Gros (b. 16.03.1771, Paris – the mind. 26.06.1835, MEUDON), French painter, belongs to one of the most famous artists of the academics of his era.

Features the art of Antoine-Jean Gros: fame as the court painter of Napoleon. To a large extent its popularity to Bonaparte was obliged to talent Gros, created on his canvases, his idealized heroic image.

The famous painting by Antoine-Jean Gros: "Bonaparte on the bridge at Arcole""Napoleon on the battlefield of Preussisch-Elau", "The battle of Nazareth""Portrait of Charles Legrand", paintings on classical subjects, painted the dome of the Pantheon, etc.

Paintings By Antoine-Jean Gros

When Antoine-Jean Gros was born, his parents had no doubt that he, like his father, he will be an artist. So they did everything they could to make the young Antoine-Jean got a decent art education. His first teacher was the father, then the young man continued science at the Royal Academy of painting. After completing his studies, according to the existing tradition, the artist Gros went on a long journey, during which he spent many years in Italy, studying the legacy of the great Italian masters. Over the years spent in Italy, he won a reputation as a talented and original portraitist. Gro has created a series of portraits of the Genoese nobility, the most interesting work of this period is "Portrait Of Madame Pasteur". He soon becomes one of the most popular and "fashionable" Genoese artists.

Josephine during your stay in Genoa saw the paintings of Antoine-Jean Gros and was so impressed with them that invited him to go to Milan, where, in fact, began his career as a court painter of Napoleon. Here he creates one of his most famous paintings – "Bonaparte on the bridge at Arcole". The artist even gets the rank of officer and engaged to Napoleon's order finding and sending to France of works of art.

Court painter of Napoleon

After the defeat of the French painter Gros have to go back to Paris. Here he successfully continues to work in the genre of portrait ("Portrait Of Christine Boyer"), and also creates paintings on ancient themes ("Sappho on the Leucadian mountain"). Gros writes large-scale paintings depicting the exploits of the French army and its commander. Thanks to the paintings of Antoine-Jean Gros "the Battle of Nazareth", "the Plague at Jaffa," the artist becomes really famous. Despite the fact that the master was not a painter in the classic sense, his work is dedicated to the military successes of Bonaparte, surely win in many contests. It brings to the artist Antoine-Jean Gros large official commissions, which generously paid from the Treasury. This series of portraits of the First Consul, and the painting of the dome of the Pantheon, and other large works in which the most bright talents of Gro-painter.

It should be noted that much of his unfading glory Bonaparte owes it to the artist Gros. By a painter of the image was amazing in tune with the European public about how should look the perfect romantic hero. In addition to the famous portraits and battle scenes with participation of first persons of the Empire, the artist creates a series of portraits of other famous contemporaries ("Duroc", "Portrait of General Lassalle, Son of General Legrand," etc.), horse portraits and paintings on ancient stories.

A distinctive feature of the master was that Grau was able to imbue his creations are a true inspiration and a rich multifaceted story. Due to this, most of the paintings of Antoine-Jean Gros has experienced the glory of his characters, repeated change of political eras and even today are the pride of the best museums and exhibition halls in France and other countries.
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