France • 1876−1957

Biografie und Informationen

Constantin Brancusi (FR. Constantin Brancusi, 19 February 1876, p. Hobita, Romania – March 16, 1957, Paris) – French sculptor, painter and photographer, one of the major figures of abstract art of the twentieth century. Romanian-born, Brancusi in his youth, went on foot to Paris and worked here until the end of life. All the sculptures, paintings, photographs and archives bequeathed to the French state.
Features of works of the sculptor Constantin Brancusihas been called the most important sculptor of the twentieth century, because the first Brancusi abandoned figurative sculpture and with the help of extremely concise, natural forms embody the essence of objects, not their appearance. He did not make preliminary models of plaster or clay – and worked directly with the basic material (wood, marble, bronze) to give it texture, weight, transparency, color, the main impetus for creating images.
In his minimalist, geometrically harmonious, symbolic sculptures easier to find a trace of the archaic, primitive art, exotic aesthetics than the European academic tradition. Brancusi said: "the Artist must know how to dig up the creature inside the material."
The most famous works of Constantin Brancusi: "Bird in space", "Sleeping Muse", "The kiss", The "endless column", "Princess X.", "Portrait of Madame L. R.".