France • 1840−1916
The image of the French artist Marie Bracquemond (FR. Marie Bracquemond) may lead the feminist movement, fit the slogan "her career ruined husband." It is not known how much she was troubled, but gave up painting Marie because she was tired from the endless scandals of her husband and his jealousy of the success of his wife. Marie Bracquemond was called "one of the three ladies of impressionism". Two Mary Cassattand Berthe Morisot.

The future "lady of impressionism" was born in Brittany. The father died almost immediately after her birth, and the girl's mother married again. Family several times changed their place of residence, until he finally settled in the Parisian suburb of Etampes.

The basics of painting Marie taught local artist-restorer, and first real teacher, who write with a capital letter, was himself Monsieur Ingres.It happened like this: 17-year-old girl, who had no professional art education, he decided to offer his work to the official Salon. This is not surprising, "the madness of the brave" is a good thing at all times, surprisingly, they accepted. Initially accepted to participate in the exhibition, and then just graciously accepted. The exhibition Marie met with the academic painter Alfred Stevensand presented her Ingres. The master took the girl in as a student. Her early work was written under the undoubted influence of Ingres. Speaking about her apprenticeship, certainly quote the words of the critic Philip Burty, declared that Marie Bracquemond is the most intelligent student of Ingres. Not smolchite about them and us.

The works of the artist became interested in the Empress Eugenie, and Marie wrote in her order. Luck accompanied her. Under the patronage of the head of French museums, count de Neuenkirch young artist was commissioned to make copies of famous masterpieces of the Louvre. According to legend, the girl was working on Rembrandt, when met with the artist Felix Bracquemond. Familiarity was not limited to discussion of the artistic merits of the riches of the Louvre, and the young people were soon married.

In 30 years, Marie gave birth to her son Pierre. The boy was in poor health, and the family had to move to the suburbs. Their choice fell on the beautiful sèvres. The pace of life is not decreased by moving to the province. Felix led the Studio Haviland. They collaborated with sèvres porcelain manufactory and porcelain houses of Limoges, Marie has worked on the sketches of tableware and ceramic tile, creating wall decorations, he taught drawing in school. In parallel, the artist continued to send paintings to the Paris Salons and exhibitions. An important step to becoming Marie Bracquemond became her participation in the Salon of 1874. It was then that her paintings interested Edgar Degas. He found Marie in the Salon, met her and presented her Renoirand Monet. Marie was delighted with the prospect of a new painting. It discovered the work in the open airbegan to write in an impressionistic manner, and excellent writing. "Dedicated" it to the impressionism of Degas was in awe of the work of his protégé. Marie Bracquemond participated in the fourth, fifth, and eighth impressionist exhibitions, presenting a total of eleven paintings.

The last straw was meeting with Gauguin. By the way, with him Marie was introduced to the husband himself. Gauguin had taught her to give the color of the maximum intensity, and academic painting was finally lost talented artist, while impressionism had bought one of their ladies. "If your house was suddenly opened the window and it broke in the sun and fresh wind"– as Marie describes his feelings from the impressionistic method. And although it's her personal impression, he wants to agree.

Married to artist Marie Bracquemond could hope to find at home support and understanding. Could be, but did not expect. Felix is extremely jealous attitude to her success. Not jealous in the sense that, for example, Mikhail Larionovto success Natalia Goncharova– valuing them more than their own and defending always and everywhere. Bakemono was a completely different story. My husband didn't like that Marie beat him: and he was angry for the success of his wife – and the success accompanied her. Her paintings are highly valued, and he forbade her to participate in exhibitions (he was present), scandals, when she tried at home to show pictures to friends, and generally limited its interaction with other artists. It is hoped that in the other areas he had behaved differently, because Marie, utterly exhausted these nagging from her husband, and less time devoted to painting, and in 1890-e years it finally gave up, focusing on working with porcelain. With her husband she lived a life, survived him only two years. I want to believe that family life Marie Bracquemond cost sacrificed painting.

Author: Alain Esaulova
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