United States • 1923−2015
Ellsworth Kelly (eng. Ellsworth Kelly; may 31, 1923, Newburgh, USA – 27 Dec 2015, Spencertown, schoolA) American artist, famous for his work in the style of minimalism, color field painting and painting hard edges. Kelly was one of the first artists to use in their work the canvases are irregularly shaped. The art style Kelly has had a significant influence in the army during the Second World war. He was a member of the so-called "Ghost Army" camouflage unit, consisting mostly of artists and designers. I lived six years in Paris, studying at the School of fine arts and developing his own style. In 1954 Kelly returned to new York, already a Mature artist, in addition to paintings he creates sculptures and lithographs. Two years later he had his first solo exhibition at the Betty Parsons gallery. The past few decades, Kelly creates huge abstract paintings, steel, aluminum and bronze sculptures. In 2013 the artist received from President Obama the National medal of the USA in the field of arts.

Features the work of artist Ellsworth Kelly: his individual style was formed in the late 40's-early 50-ies, when Kelly lived in Paris, as America flourished abstract expressionism. His first abstract work the artist has written in 1949. However, its pointlessness was meant to leave on the canvas as little as possible personal. From the abstract expressionists Kelly borrowed only the scale: all of his work – impressive size, they often assembled from several canvases. In 60-ies the artist created his first works on canvas irregular shape.

Famous paintings of Ellsworth Kelly: "Colors for a large wall", "Red, blue, green", "Red diagonal", "Spectrum IV."

Author: Eugene Sidelnikov
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