Russia • Saint Petersburg • geboren in 1948 • künstler

Biografie und Informationen

IGOR NELYUBOVICH is a painter recognized by experts and known on the world Art platforms. His paintings are created in a special graphic manner, with color accents, incredibly decorative and have a special internal structure: the lightness of lines is clearly planted on the framework of the composition. In the artist's opinion, this is the basis for
Fine Arts.
Igor Nelyubovich was born in 1948 in Nizhny Novgorod (before 1990 the city of Gorky)
From 1963-1966 he studied at the Gorky Art School. He interrupted his studies at his own will: he did not want to follow the beaten paths of socialist realism. He entered the Faculty of Architecture at the Gorky Institute of Engineering and Construction, deciding that there was less pressure and conservatism, where he tried to be actively engaged in painting.
In 1971 he successfully graduated from GISI and moved to Leningrad, which has always attracted the artist. For several years Igor Nelyubovich worked as an architect at the Research Institute of Urban Planning.
And in the late 80s he chose the path of a free artist. He went to work as a stoker in a boiler room, where the Leningrad underground was flourishing at that time. Much and fruitfully wrote, enjoying commercial success. Since then, paintings Nelyubovicha replenished the private collections of St. Petersburg and Moscow bohemia. And soon came success abroad.
In 1999 he was admitted to the Union of Artists of Russia
The main subject of the paintings is urban landscapes and architectural objects of St. Petersburg. Igor Nelyubovich demonstrates his personal city, while maintaining its recognizability in signs, outlines, texture and images. Despite the special poetics and high style of numerous female portraits, as well as images of other megacities, it is the man-made northern city that has become the artist's calling card.
Igor Nelyubovich is a participant of more than 150 international exhibitions, including a regular participant of expositions of New York and London galleries.
For two years in a row (2021 and 2022), he is the only artist from Russia who is in the top 10 famous contemporary artists according to the
of the esteemed publication: World of Art Contemporary Art Magazine