States of play: Engravings from Rembrandt to Delsart

Ausstellung 4 September 2021 − 2 Januar 2022
Harvard Art Museum presents exhibition "States of Play: Engravings from Rembrandt to Delsart.".

The exhibition includes graphic works by Van Dyck, Louise Nevelson, Paul Signac, Edvard Munch, Albert Beznard, Boucher, Sol Leavitt and other artists, which demonstrate how the famous authors developed the technique of etching step by step, experimenting and working on the image.

The works in this exhibition, presented over three centuries - by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Lee Krasner, Jacques Philippe Le Bas and Louis Delsart - reveal layers of creative refinement, correction and adjustment of finished prints. Central to this process is the concept of "print condition," which traditionally refers to the version of the print that precedes the final product.

Prepared according to the materials of the website of the Harvard Museum of Art.