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Facelift and makeup

Ausstellung 7 Oktober 2021 − 9 Januar 2022
Royal Mauritshuis Gallery presents exhibition "Facelift and makeup.".

The exhibition showcases and tells the story of the paintings that have been restored at the gallery over the past 25 years. Normally the restoration studio is inaccessible to the public, unlike the gallery halls, but the current project provides an opportunity to take a look at it, learn about the technology and see the unique work of preserving and restoring masterpieces.

In particular, the restoration process of Peter de Hoch's painting "Dutch Court. A man with a pipe and a woman drinking wine". Visitors to the exhibition will learn the mystery of the "missing soldier". Initially, the plot of the canvas was similar to a painting of a family group, until the soldier suddenly appeared from under the painting. He originally sat between a man and a woman at a table, but for reasons unknown, over the centuries he became unnecessary and was eliminated. What remains of this figure is a piece of his thumb on a beer mug, his coat still hanging over the fence, and his pipe. The question arises, what to do with the soldier? Make him disappear again, or put him back behind the table?

Prepared according to the materials of the website of the Mauritshuis Royal Gallery.