French drawing from the collection of Inna Bazhenova

Ausstellung 11 Dezember 2021 − 6 März 2022
The IN ARTIBUS Foundation invites you to visit the exhibition "French Drawing from the Collection of Inna Bazhenova.

More than a hundred works by artists of different eras, from the French Renaissance to French Modernism, are on display - quite representative, so that the viewer can get an idea of the history of French art from its not-so-famous, graphic side.

Drawings have traditionally been considered an auxiliary product of the creative process, a kind of "kitchen" of the artist, but this point of view is gradually ceasing to be uncontroversial. The In Artibus Foundation presents drawing as an independent field of art, as well as an integral part of its vast collection of Western European paintings and drawings. Drawings are shown to the viewer rarely and briefly, it is a fragile and capricious technique. No museum has a permanent exhibition of graphic art. It is afraid of light, it needs special temperature conditions and special exposure conditions. All the more reason to see the exhibition "French Drawing of the 16th-20th Centuries from the Collection of Inna Bazhenova" at the In Artibus Foundation, its exhibits are likely to be seen once in a lifetime.

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