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Milk of Dreams. 59th Venice Biennale

Ausstellung 23 April − 27 November 2022
The 59th Venice Biennale kicks off in Venice "Milk of Dreams."the name is derived from a series of works by Leonora Carrington.

British-born surrealist artist Leonora Carrington created the works when she lived in Mexico in the 1950s. These drawings were later published as a children's book; an English-language edition was published in 2017.

Carrington, who passed away in 2011, outlived many of her fellow surrealists, but only in the last few years has her extensive artistic output - from paintings and sculptures to novels, poems, plays and costumes - gained international recognition. In her paintings, Carrington presents mystical and fantastical scenes filled with androgynous creatures and animals. They drew on her interest in alchemy, the occult, healing rituals, Jungian theory, Celtic and Mayan knowledge.

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