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Katya Medvedeva's Universe

Ausstellung 9 September − 19 Oktober
on September 9, the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Art opened the exhibition "Universe Katya Medvedeva".

Katya Medvedeva - one of the brightest representatives of Russian naive art. This year is a jubilee year for her, the artist celebrates her 85th birthday. Ekaterina Ivanovna found her vocation and recognition quite late, she moved from place to place, working in different fields, before she took a brush in her hands at the age of 38. Her art almost immediately interested not only connoisseurs of naive art, but also artists of the underground. Today the artist's works are kept in major collections in Russia and the world, in public and private collections.

All creativity Katya Medvedeva - is an attempt at introspection, her works are extraordinarily deep, psychological and personal, it is a very frank monologue. She reflects on the image of the Creator, distinguishing in it three hypostases - God, the artist and the mother.

Gender identification has become the main focus of the artist's work. Her understanding of women is unusually multifaceted. Thus the theme of motherhood merges with the iconography of the Virgin. The highest expression of femininity the artist considers dance, a classical Russian ballet, which she devoted a whole series of paintings. Katya is also interested in everyday life, her attention is attracted and typical women, their beauty, hidden from the glancing by the everyday gaze. The search for a woman's essence runs through the self-portraits and is conveyed through a complex series of associations. It is emphasized by accessories - hats and scarves.

Another very important, exciting theme of hers is the realization of one's destiny. The creator can be both male and female or androgynous without age, as in some self-portraits. Reflections on the self are closely linked to fragments of personal biography. Especially dear to the artist is Old Ladoga, where she began painting in oil at the House of Art with the support of professional masters. Trying to understand herself, she is looking closely into the images of creative personalities of different eras: Pushkin, Basho, Isadora Duncan, Maya Plisetskaya - they are all mirrors in which Katya is looking for her reflection.

Medvedeva acutely experiencing social disasters--terrorist attacks, loss of life, poverty--in these she invariably finds deeper existential problems that lead to her theme of Christian faith. Religious Works Medvedeva created contrary to canon, they are rather cosmopolitan. In them she finds solace, in them she finds her own answers to the questions that torment her. Her favorite color is cadmium blue, bright, poorly mixed with other colors, in Orthodoxy it means purity and chastity, it is an attribute of the Virgin, a symbol of Her primogeniture.

"Fine art is first and foremost an image, and without an image you get ugly? No, it's not art," says the artist. An amazing innate sense of color harmony is one of the characteristic features of her works. Medvedeva is not afraid of bold contrasting combinations, she also succeeds in subtle smooth transitions of tones. Mixing different materials - velvet and brocade, lace and transparent mesh, sequins and beads - she is not afraid that her works will be called kitsch. She is confident in herself, because she is an Artist.

Source: museum.ru