A multifaceted talent. P.D. Buchkin and his contemporaries

Ausstellung 16 Mai − 23 Juni
In the halls of the museum the art of outstanding realist artists of the XX-XXI centuries is presented from the collections of the Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts, the Uglich State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum, the Vologda Regional Art Gallery and the Fund of Realist Art of V. Pustarnakova (St. Petersburg).
The Titianov Hall will host the first personal exhibition of works by Pyotr Buchkin (1886-1965) - Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR, painter, teacher, professor of the I.E. Repin Institute of Fine Arts. Pyotr Buchkin was a member of the Arkhip Kuindzhi Society, a member of the Society of Russian Watercolorists, left behind not only a rich heritage of paintings, graphics, lithographs, watercolors and memoirs about famous contemporaries, but also created his own pedagogical system of teaching. A faithful follower of the academic school and the principles of realistic art, Pyotr Dmitrievich advocated for mastery, for school, for consistent mastery of the technical foundations of art. Throughout his life he painted his contemporaries from life: F.I. Chaliapin, A.M. Gorky, I.I. Brodsky, G.K. Savitsky, V.A. Serov, K.A. Korovin, A.A. Rylov, K.I. Chukovsky - many of these portraits will be presented for the first time.
The exposition of the Raphael Hall exhibition will include works by realist artists of the 20th and early 21st centuries from the collection of the Valery Pustarnakov Painting Foundation. Thematic paintings, portraits, still lifes, landscapes, presented in the project, will give a clear idea of the time, aspirations and creative search of more than 80 masters. Temperamental, textured works tell about love for the native land, labor everyday life, simple everyday joys and important historical events. The participants of the exhibition are united not only by masterful execution and high level of writing, but also by the fact that all these authors were able to develop their own, recognizable artistic style, were able to bring something new to the art of realism.
Masters of the XIX-XX centuries:
А. Е. Arkhipov, M. I. Avilov, N. P. Bogdanov-Belsky, P. D. Buchkin, V. K. Byalinitsky - Birulia, A. M. Gerasimov, S. F. Kolesnikov, A. M. Korin, I. M. I. Levitan, V. V. Perepletchikov, A. A. Plastov, A. A. Rylov, A. S. Stepanov, F. V. Sychkov, L. V. Turzhansky, A. N. Shilder, L. B. Yanush.
Masters of the XX-XXI centuries:
В. A. Bazhenov, V. I. Bratanyuk, D. V. Belyaev, V. D. Bernadsky, G. V. Bernadsky, V. P. Borisenkov, D. P. Buchkin, I. M. Varichev, N. N. Volodimirov, A. M. Gritsai, N. N. Galakhov, M. M. Devyatov, B. F. Domashnikov, V. F. Zagonek, F. Z. Zakharov, A. I. Perevyshko, E. E. Moiseenko, A. A. Mylnikov, O. L. Lomakin, A. P. Levitin, P. G. Kiparisov, E. V. Kozlov, V. V. Kiselev, Yu. P. Kugach, D. A. Kollegova, M. K. Kopytstseva, S. D. Kichko, O. L. Lomakin, G. M. Moroz, V. S. Pesikov, I. V. Petrov, A. A. Plastov, N. N. Repin, M. D. Ruban, V. F. Rudnev, F. V. Savostyanov, I G. Savenko, A. I. Sakhanov, B. A. Semyonov, V. Stozharov, S. I. Smirnov, N. E. Timkov, M. E. Tkachev, O. A. Tenyaev, B. S. Ugarov, B. Fyodorov, F. B. Fyodorov, T. N. Yablonskaya.