Marc Chagall • Malerei, 1918, 169.6×163.4 cm
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Kunstgattung: Malerei
Motiv und Objekte: Landschaft, Genre-Szene
Technik: Öl
Materialien: Leinwand
Erstellungsdatum: 1918
Größe: 169.6×163.4 cm
Das Kunstwerk befindet sich in den ausgewählten Sammlungen: 120 selections

Bildbeschreibung «Walk»

Perhaps, it is difficult to find a person who is not familiar with the expression "Love gives wings". Almost all of us know the feeling of lightness that come with love: it feels like floating in the air — another moment, and a light wind will carry you somewhere up and beyond the horizon... Marc Chagall was the artist who managed to transfer the essence of this state on the canvas. Most of his paintings you can see characters floating in the air, their faces glowing with happiness and love.

For Marc Chagall's familiarity with Bella Rosenfeld was significant: this woman appeared, many works of the great masters, including the painting "Walk". She was his lighthouse, Muse, model and a faithful wife. Art historians have estimated that its image can be seen more than 2 thousands of paintings by Chagall.

Big fan of Russian Proverbs, the artist beat them in their works. So, the painting of Marc Chagall "Walk" we see the interpretation of the proverb about the bird in the hand and pie in the sky. Young loving couple out on a country walk. They found a cozy place on the outskirts of the city: a green lawn, the branches of the tree, giving shade, scenic views of the city from rising above the pink walls of the Church. Young people illuminated with love and joy, they are so full of emotion that almost float over the ground.

The artist has depicted himself steadily standing on the ground and firmly holding the hand of a beloved woman, wzmiuw up on a whim. In his right hand is sitting quietly the bird thus Chagall seems to be saying to the viewer that there are times when one does not need to make a choice between a titmouse and a crane from a famous proverb: he can take everything from life.

"Walk" is not a single painting by Marc Chagall, part of a triptych. The first part is the painting "Double portrait", showing preparations for flight: in it the artist has depicted himself sitting on the shoulders of Bella. The other part — "Above the city" — shows the viewer the joint flight. The artist used this technique as a kind of metaphor, symbolizing the freedom from earth's gravity that gives a person love.

Today these works live their lives. The painting "Above the city" is in the Tretyakov gallery. "Double portrait" was donated by the artist in 1949, the Paris Museum of arts. Paris. Marc Chagall painting "the Walk" is part of the Russian Museum.