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E. Okun is a representative of Polish modernity and symbolism, a draftsman, an illustrator, the author of many portraits, idyllic landscapes with elements of fantasticality, with a dominant sense of decorativeness and attention to color. At first he wrote realistic compositions.

In some cases, he himself made carved frames for his paintings.

The representative of the Polish noble family coat of arms Belin. Received excellent professional training in the field of fine arts. In 1890−1891 he studied drawing and painting in the Warsaw drawing class of V. Gerson, then in 1891−1893 — in the School of Fine Arts in Krakow (now the Academy of Fine Arts (Krakow)) under the leadership of Isidore Jablonsky and Jan Matejko, continued to improve in Academy of Munich (1893) and in Paris (1894). Then he returned to Munich. Since 1898, more than 20 years spent in Rome.

In 1925−1930, Mr. — Professor of the School of Fine Arts. Gerson in Warsaw, in 1933−1934 — was her director.

Member of the Polish Art Association "Art" (Sztuka).

December 16, 1922 witnessed the murder at the art exhibition in Warsaw, the first President of Poland G. Narutovich. Together with one of the president’s adjutants, he detained the murderer of Eligush Neviadomsky, a modernist critic and artist.

During World War II he lived in Warsaw. After the Warsaw Uprising, he moved to Skierniewice, where in January 1945 he was killed by a random bullet on the street.

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Edward Perch. Capri
Edward Perch
1938, 46×59 cm
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    Edward Perch. Rachel
    Edward Perch. Self-portrait with wife
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