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Surf art: artists atop the waves

The style is easy to recognize — it includes paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works of surfing culture. This is a kind of evolution of marine painting: Aivazovsky painted ships prowling the ocean, whereas modern artists paint surfers instead.
Surf art: artists atop the waves
Oddly enough, the style is not young: it has existed for about a hundred years and includes elements of many trends popular in the 20th century, from surrealism
Avant-garde is how modern art critics refer the general trend of new artistic directions that arose in world art at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. A very thin line separates it from the concept of “modernism”. Read more
Surrealism (Fr. surréalisme) is an avant-garde art movement of the first half of the twentieth century characterized by the fusion of reality with something else, but not oppositional. Surrealism is a dream which is neither real, nor surreal. The style is characterized by allusions and a paradoxical combination of forms, visual deception. In the paintings of the Surrealists hard objects and rocks often melt, and the water, on the contrary, hardens. Read more
to cubism and naive art.
Artists do not follow aesthetic canons and clear rules, they mix different forms and techniques, use graphic design techniques, make irony, and are fond of phantasmagoria. Naturally, they all personally know what water sports is.
Drew Brophy is considered one of the most famous representatives of the style: he sells his artworks to pay for surfing tourism.
American artist and photographer Jay Alders is one of the most popular representatives of the genre.

American artist and photographer Jay Alders is one of the most popular representatives of the genre. He often paints pictures commissioned by rock musicians, on canvas or directly on surf boards. The price of decorating an art board ranges from $300 to $2,000.

Something of Art Nouveau

Surf art has a decorative and applied character: artists decorate sports boards, clothes, make author’s sketches for tattoos, illustrations for thematic media articles, sometimes decorate surfing equipment shop windows. This is reminiscent of the path of Art Nouveau’s development: its representatives also did not focus on galleries, but sought to penetrate into all spheres of human life.
Surf art includes paintings, sculptures and various design elements that praise this way of life and everything connected with it: sea, relaxation, youth, eternal summer. Recall marine
Marine art or seascape is a kind of landscape that depicts the sea. Specific paintings or engravings of a sea theme are also called marines. The word marine (it. marina) comes from the Latin marinus — “of sea”. Read more
painters who once sang the praises of the sea and the people who linked their lives with it — from travellers to pirates and warriors who fought on the water.

Popular artists

Jay Alders, John Severson, Drew Brophy