Moiseevich Gershov

Russia • 1906−1989

Studied in Vitebsk in M. 3. Chagall, a student who considered herself, in

Art-industrial College in Leningrad. Worked in the Children's

sector of the state publishing house, in particular, the illustrated books: "Living loss" (M.-L.,

1931) E. Papernaya and "Special day" (Moscow-Leningrad, 1931) E. Schwartz and G. Dietrich.

Arrested in late 1931, he was sent to Borisoglebsk in November 1932, where

together with B. M. Erbstein worked as an artist in the Theatre of musical Comedy.

Upon returning to Leningrad, he worked in Art workshops. Personal

exhibition S. M. Gershov were a great success abroad, in the USSR was conducted.

In his archive in CHALIL (F. 155) is preserved letters to him tn. Glebova, D.

D. Shostakovich, M. 3. Chagall.

Painter, a man of legend, one of the most interesting artists of the Russian avant-garde. Born in Dvinsk.

He studied at the Art school in Moscow, in the Art studios of the Vitebsk from Chagall, K. Malevich, LHPT from A. Eberlinga (1921-1924). In 1926 he held his first solo exhibition of works Gershov. In 1927 1928гг. worked in the Studio of Pavel Filonov. Wrote landscapes, portraits, compositions on biblical subjects.

Arrested in April 1932 in Leningrad. During the search, destroyed all the works. Was charged with "slandering the AHR"[Association of artists of the revolution]. Sentenced to 3 years exile, which he served in the Kursk and Borisoglebsk. Released in September 1934 at the request of the artist Isaak Brodsky. Member of the group PN.Filonov "Masters of analytical art". In January 1948 he was arrested again. During a search of the newly destroyed job. Sentenced to 15 years in labor camp. After a stay in Butyrka, Lefortovo, prison and Gorky design Bureau near Moscow, sent to Vorkuta. He worked in the mines number 10 and 29, as well as the artist. Released in August 1956, at the same time rehabilitated.

Exhibition of works was held in Moscow, Vitebsk, Leningrad, Tbilisi, USA, London, Zurich, Paris – halls of UNESCO, the Jerusalem – House of Nations.Works are kept in many Russian and foreign museums.

May 25, 2006 in Daugavpils held a lecture about the life and work of the artist. In the exhibition hall of Daugavpils regional and art Museum will open the exhibition of works of S. Gershov, dedicated to the centenary of the birth of the artist.

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