Vasilyevich Boskin

Russia • 1875−1930

Was born in d. Gorelovskiy Gdov uyezd, St. Petersburg province. Studied at the drawing school of the "society of encouragement of arts" in Academy of arts in St. Petersburg.

Since 1911 M. V. Boskin lived in Sergiev Posad, where the real life of the Russian provinces were embodied by the artist in landscape and architectural motifs, executed with a broad stroke in sonorous and rich flavor.

Talented Russian painter, a disciple of I. I. Shishkin, Mikhail Boskin belongs to the artists, who are yet to discover fully. Some of his paintings are now stored in the art museums of Samara and Yaroslavl, Zagorsk Museum-reserve, in private collections. However, there are those whose whereabouts are today unknown. Artists and collectors will find a lot of interesting discoveries related to the legacy of this remarkable artist, that gift was bright and optimistic, and way of life, though short-lived, but amazingly creative.

Mikhail Vasilievich Boskin was born in 1875 in the village of Gorelovskiy in the South-West of St. Petersburg province into a large peasant family. Thirteen teenager he was in the capital and began working in a tobacco factory. But a year later, in 1889-m, entered the Drawing school of the "society of encouragement of arts", and then a few years on the rights of the volunteer were trained at the Russian Academy of arts.

In 1903 Mikhail Boskin presents his works at exhibitions of Moscow Association of artists, and then of the Moscow society of lovers of the arts, a member of which becomes in 1907. In 1908 he went to Paris, where totally immersed in the life of an art capital of the world, carefully observing, studying and experimenting. This experience has undoubtedly enriched the already Mature master, gave his fine manner of special impressionistic charm, but not separated from the main creative pursuit. And they were firmly connected with themes of Russian nature, the village life of the people of the Russian hinterland.

Genuine flourishing of artistic craftsmanship Michael Boskin falls on the 1910-ies. It was then that he actively collaborates with the Association of the Wanderers. His work enthusiastically accept and foreign exhibitions. So, after the Stockholm exhibition in the mid 1910-ies, the Swedish "Joint-stock company Granberg A." produced a series of postcards with reproductions of paintings by M. V. Boskin. And now only it is possible to get an idea about some of the paintings of the artist, to detect still failed.

In 1910, Mikhail settled in the old city near Moscow Sergiev Posad. There Boskin met and the October revolution, which not became a hit. On the contrary — he begins to work in the Commission for the protection of monuments of art and antiquities, becomes a member of the Association of artists of revolutionary Russia. The theme of the new life, it seems, keen was sincerely and seriously, not changing it before the end of his days.

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