Yakovlevich Zevin

Russia • 1904−1942

Painter. Studied in the Studio of Y. M. pan (1917), national art school at K. S. Malevich, M. Z. Shagal in Vitebsk (1918), VKhUTEMAS by R. Falk in Moscow (1921-1925).

Since 1919-Participant of exhibitions. The member of associations "GROWTH" (1925-1929), the group of artists "13" (1929). Member Of The OST.

He taught at the Moscow Academy "Memory of 1905" (1930).

Died in 1942 at the front.

Painter. Graduated from Moscow. The vkhutein (1925), a disciple of R. Falk. He lived in Moscow. In 1929-31 a member of the OST. Participated in exhibitions since 1929. From 1930 he taught in Moscow. hood. Uch-school in memory of 1905. The paintings of the "Family worker" (1925), "Streets of Moscow" (1929), "Read the newspaper" (1931), "self-Portrait" (1936), "Quartet" (1938), "Clouds over lake" (1940), "Field work" (1940), etc., graphic work.

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