Antonovna Lagoda-Shishkina

Russia • 1850−1881

One of the first 30 students accepted in the Academy of fine arts volnoslushatelnitsey. Attended the Academy from 1875 to 1876 he Left school and began studying in the Studio of I. I. Shishkin. In 1880 became his wife. Lived in St. Petersburg. Exhibited at the exhibitions of the Association of traveling art exhibitions. Was under the strong influence of the artistic system of her husband and teacher, brought in her softness and intimacy. Worked mainly in the landscape genre, her works acquired by P. M. Tretyakov. After the untimely death of his beloved wife and talented artist Shishkin published a book with 50 works made we still (1887).


Stasov was dealt with in his several articles creativity O. A. Lagoda-Shishkina. Among them were the following lines: "Ms. Lagoda-Shishkina, while still a pupil of the famous landscape painter Shishkin, expressed a great and graceful talent; her paintings "Study the forest" (1880) and "the Path" (1881) promised her a wonderful peyzazhistke, but unfortunately, she died young, having to write a little, but lovely, very picturesque views of Russian nature".

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