Mikhailovich Raksha

Russia • 1937−1980

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Born in Ufa, in a working class family. He studied at the art school at the Institute. Surikova. At the end of VGIK fifteen years he worked as an art Director at Mosfilm (of the most significant movies, “Time, forward!”, “Dersu Uzala” and “Ascension”). Wide popularity came to him with the first exhibitions. His paintings are “Contemporary”, “Good beast, good man,” “My mother,” “Continued,” “the Conversation about the future,” “wild strawberries” and others were demonstrated at the all-Union and international exhibitions.

The last work of the artist, his masterpiece, his swansong was the triptych “Kulikovo Field” (now in the Tretyakov gallery). In its Central part — “Anticipation” — among the soldiers surrounded the Dmitry Donskoy at the time of the focus spirit at the climax before the battle, the artist depicted in the image Branka Vasily Shukshin. Portrayed himself: “I would have died there, defending Dmitri from the back.”

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